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Published in Helsinki Times 3.7.2014

Are you moving away from Finland for a limited period of time? Or just longing for more storage room? Pelican Self Storage offers an uncomplicated solution to situations like these, and peace of mind to anyone with valuable items to store.

Pelican Self Storage is easily recognisable even from a distance, due to its signature bright green colour and the large pelican logo. A first-time visitor is welcomed at the combined store and information point where a variety of packing materials can be bought, and customers are served and advised.


Aside from the storage room, Pelican Self Storage also provides all the packing materials.

“The first contact can just as well be made by phone or by leaving a request for a callback for us online,” explains the manager of Pelican Self Storage in Kilo, Mari Rautelin.
“We then decide together with the customer on the size of storage needed. After that, the customer comes over and we show them how everything works. Of course, customers are welcome here straight away too, if they want to see the premises before starting negotiations. We are here from 10am to 6pm every weekday, and Saturdays and Sundays as agreed.”
Pelican Self Storage offers storage room of four different sizes, the smallest being 1 m² and largest 30 m², which fits easily the contents of a detached house when cleverly packed. The storage rooms are rented out with flexible contracts, one month being the minimum length. From then on, the contract lasts as agreed for a defined time period or as open-ended. Insurance is also included.
“Our longest contracts here in Kilo are still ongoing from the year of opening, 2012. We have a lot of companies as customers, and they make generally more long-term contracts. The payments are done one month in advance and there’s no deposit or any additional payment.”
All the packing material from boxes to bubble wrap and tape can be provided by Pelican Self Storage, and they also co-operate with Kuljetus Frisk that helps with removal of the items, if needed.


Pelican Self Storage has teamed up with one of their customers, Seppo Frisk, in co-operation over moving houses and items.

“We are very flexible with our contracts, different kind of deals can be made and everything is negotiable,” Rautelin clarifies.
“The co-operation with Kuljetus Frisk means that our customers get a discount if they use the services of them. We also have a trailer here that customers can borrow free of charge.”
Simple service, easy access
The founder of Kuljetus Frisk, Seppo Frisk, was originally a customer at Pelican Self Storage himself.
“I was behind the door the same week the first store opened.”
From being a customer to Pelican Self Storage, Frisk moved on to be a cooperation partner. Now his moving company regularly transports other customers’ items.


Pelican Self Storage offers storage rooms in four different sizes, with the largest easily fitting in the contents of a detached house.

“We do moving abroad as well as nationally. For example, next week I’ll drive down to Rome for work,” Frisk says.
He also still has his own storage room at Pelican Self Storage.
“I come here on a daily basis. I specifically appreciate the flexibility in access to the area. This kind of service was really needed here, before this company only random storage rooms surrounded by chicken wire were available for renting.”
The originally Danish company has expanded so far to Finland and Sweden. The first Pelican Self Storage in Finland was opened in 2010 in Vallila, Helsinki. Now there are 17 of them around the Metropolitan area and Turku.
“There is no clear customer prototype: we have everything here from those moving abroad for a while to those who are renovating their homes or just need an additional storage room permanently for example for seasonal items,” Rautelin says.


Coming and going is easy at Pelican Self Storage as each customer is given a code with which they can access the building and their own storage room.

“We have customers who work as entrepreneurs and store for example their tools here – it’s much safer than keeping expensive items at the back of a van somewhere. Every year on Christmas Eve we see people coming to get the Christmas presents from storage as they find this a handy place to hide them from the kids. Small companies might not even have an office so this kind of service is perfect for them, too. We also take in deliveries for companies if they’re not able to make it here just then.”
Coming and going is easy at Pelican Self Storage as each customer is given a code with which they can access the building and their own storage room every day of the week from 6am to 10pm.
“The whole idea is to make using Pelican Self Storage as easy as possible. The concept is customer-oriented, flexible, simple. People tend to think that finding large storage room is something painstaking and complicated, a big thing to organise. We want to bring the solution close to the customer. This can be part of their everyday life, just an extra storage room with easy access, if they like.”



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